Aurora Love is a one-hour TV documentary about the cultural connection and allure of the northern lights for Japanese people. Aurora Love asks why we seek inspiration and restoration from nature. It looks at the attraction of natural phenomena. It pursues light in a dark winter world.

People around the world put the northern lights on their bucket lists, but the experience is considered particularly auspicious in Japan. Each winter thousands of Japanese travel to the Far North on the hunt for the elusive northern lights. For some it’s a life-changing experience, for others it’s a long-awaited notch in their travel belt. Often shrieks of joy and tears greet those ephemeral bands of green in the sky. What is it about the aurora that elicits such dramatic responses from people whose culture is known for emotional restraint?

Aurora Love begins in frenetic Tokyo, the largest megacity in the world, where we meet honeymooners and a mother and son as they prepare for the trip of a lifetime. We follow them as they embark on a journey across the globe to Canada’s remote Northwest Territories in search of the aurora borealis. Will cloudy skies, cultural differences, minus 40° and fickle aurora dash their dreams to witness the greatest light show on Earth?