IMG_0643 B+W2Filmmaker Fritz Mueller (MSc.) has spent three decades in Canada’s North with a career that spans science, government, visual art and business. Fritz is in production on two new documentaries: Winter Bird and Mammoth Hunter. His latest film, a National Film Board co-production titled Voices Across the Water, premiered at FIN Atlantic International Film Festival. He directed and shot Journeys to Adäka, a film that resulted from a decade of collaboration with the Yukon First Nation cultural community. He recently completed Aurora Love, a film about the undeniable attraction of the northern lights. With his partner, Teresa, he’s produced some substantial projects including field research programs, demanding northern shoots, and a critically-acclaimed book of photography. Fritz is an award-winning photographer and Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Follow Fritz on Instagram and Twitter.

Teresa IMG_8844 B+WProducer, editor and writer Teresa Earle is a co-creator of Journeys to Adäka, Aurora Love, and Voices Across the Water, a co-produciton with the National Film Board of Canada. She’s working on three new films – Smala is in post-production, and Winter Bird and Mammoth Hunter are in production – and she has two more films in development. She’s a seasoned creative professional with 20 years of experience producing projects as diverse as films, books, websites and exhibits. Prior to starting a production company, Teresa worked as a writer and communications consultant. She’s authored hundreds of articles and was a science columnist. Teresa is co-president of Screen Production Yukon Assn. Fritz and Teresa live in Whitehorse with their two daughters in a house they built together.

jordy photoJordy Walker is a versatile composer, producer, sound artist, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist. His talents are featured in all of Sagafish Media’s screen media projects. Jordy’s roots are in jazz and classical guitar, his approach combines creative invention with a knowledge of tradition. His works have been featured in dance and theatrical productions, documentaries and short films for the likes of CBC, NFB, Discovery Channel and HIFI. Jordy has performed and/or recorded with Mary Margeret O’Hara, Christine Fellows, Veda Hille, Oliver Schroer, Tanya Tagaq, Michael Feuerstack, Richard Reed Parry, Little Scream and others. Learn more at Jordy Walker Music. Follow Jordy on Instagram.

We rely on professionals in our northern creative community for a wide range of services and support. Graphic designer Mary Binsted is the creative force behind Sagafish Media’s print and digital presence. Programmer and interactive specialist Geof Harries creates our websites. We pull in resourceful experts like Japan specialist Yoshie Kumagae and NWT guide & fixer Rosanna Strong, and we rely on a community of trusted Yukon crew including Jassin Godard, Mike Code, Mike Rudyk and Marty O’Brien. Robyn Mueller and Stella Mueller are reliable PAs in the field.

Beyond our backyard, we are fortunate to collaborate with so many talented, knowledgeable people. We get to co-create with gifted editors Graham Withers and Jenn Strom. Producers Shirley Vercruysse, Andrew Williamson and Julia Szucs and cameraman Keith Partridge have been valued mentors. Writer Dorothy Woodend brings her talents to our press kits. Fritz Mueller Sr. is a valued story consultant, and we learn so much from our collaborations with our Norwegian co-producer Karl Emil Rikardson.