The Passion Series

The Passion Series is an ongoing project about people who are deeply passionate about something: these individuals engage with a level of discipline and commitment that sets them apart. This series of shorts explores themes like motivation, inspiration, and success. While pushing hard to do what they love, these characters also explore their personal and emotional limits. From creating something…

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Chilkoot Entrance Song

Our creative collaborators include Dakhká Khwáan Dancers, which is a semi-professional Inland Tlingit dance group based here in Whitehorse. We’ve worked with the DKD since 2010 and we teamed up to produce their first music video. They also appear in our documentary Journeys to Adaka. These days this award-winning group has no shortage of fans and media attention, and this short enjoys lots of play. Chilkoot…

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Sometimes you’ve got to play before you can work. These are shorts we’ve produced while we’re putting new kit through its paces or trying cool stuff with our collaborators.

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